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Amazon continues building huge warehouses nationwide
New Jersey seen as fertile ground for warehouse operations, training
Pennsylvania sees more demand for warehouse space and workers
Could Maryland become the next warehouse hotbed
California focusing in on warehouse training
Many minimum wage increases coming nationwide next year
Cities see increasing competition for warehouse development
Warehouse safety still a focus
North Carolina warehouses highlighting new industry trends
Amazon boosting warehouse training efforts
Several areas see rising wages nationwide
Indiana sees even more warehouse activity
More warehouses going up in Florida's capital
Northwest Indiana sees more warehouse activity for business, charity
East Coast warehouse industry keeps booming
Warehouse hiring in the Carolinas continues to boom
Many states in the Rust Belt have been placing new emphasis on warehouse construction, upgrades and hiring in the past few years, and that trend doesn't seem likely to slow down anytime soon.
Warehouse construction on the rise in Virginia
Kentucky warehouse industry keeps growing
South Carolina sees more warehouse activity