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Logistics training efforts continue to expand nationwide
Minimum wage workers face tough economic realities
Amazon continues to innovate with warehouse hiring
Ohio continues to step up warehouse training, hiring efforts
Minneapolis continues working toward $15 minimum wage
Warehousing continues to flourish as traditional retail fades
When most people hear about the internet of things, they may think of "smart" TVs and refrigerators, but connected devices are already seen as a huge boon for the logistics industry.
Amazon continues to boost hiring efforts nationwide
More technology coming to increase warehouse productivity
Twin Cities warehouse industry gets more well-trained employees
Nevada lawmakers weighing higher minimum wage
Some logistics firms already ramping up holiday hiring preparations
More cities pushing for higher minimum wages
Companies continue to push for more warehouse hiring nationwide
Pennsylvania's white-hot logistics industry keeps growing
Southeast sees logistics jobs surging
Warehouse construction continues to heat up nationwide
States continue to grapple with raising minimum wages
New wearables, AR revolutionizing warehouse work
Missouri sees more logistics projects