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Job Title: Packer

Compensation: $10.35/hour

Work Schedule: Monday- Friday 3:00pm-11:00pm **Some overtime, may be required and some 10-hour days

Job Description:

• The duties of a Pick\Packer are to take raw materials, unpack, repackage, and create new package to prepare shipment of finished products for retail store display.

• The associate will hand pack or wrap a variety of materials, inspect for defects, apply labels, and pack product into displays.

• This position will perform some assembly type functions using hand, power tools, or glue guns.

• The packer will also place finished goods on the designated pallet. They are responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work area at all times.

• The associate will need to have the required Personal Protective Equipment on at all times (PPE provided by company).

• The physical demands are: Walking, standing, frequent twisting and bending, lifting and occasional reaching and crouching. Ability to lift 25-40 lbs.


Dress Code:

• Closed toed shoes are required. Long pants and shirts must have sleeves (no tank tops). No baggy clothes or rips allowed. Please make sure that there are not inappropriate logos or any written that may be offensive.

First Day Information:

• Please arrive early enough to allow time to park and get checked-in. Parking can be crowded. All employees MUST present badge & parking pass to guard and then enter through the employee entrance.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:


  • Must maintain an excellent safety and attendance record
  • Must be able to stand or walk for long periods of time, required frequent twisting, bending and lifting up to 40 lbs, occasional reaching and crouching
  • Attention to detail
  • Must be able to work overtime as necessary
  • Must wear Personal Protective Equipment at all times (PPE provided by company)


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