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Amazon boosting warehouse training efforts


Amazon boosting warehouse training efforts

While warehouse hiring is on the rise in many parts of the country, it's not always well-trained industry veterans who are taking those jobs. As a consequence, a number of the nation's biggest logistics employers are now working to train workers new to the industry as quickly and effectively as possible. One such company - with a huge footprint in almost every part of the country, and indeed around the world - is the online shopping giant Amazon.

Of course, Amazon has the ability to make significant investments in high-tech equipment that helps to speed along the training process effectively, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The company tends to hire tens of thousands of people or more each holiday season to match the rush of demand, and now effectively gets those workers up to speed on all the high-tech equipment with which the company populates its warehouses. In all, the training process now takes just two days.

It's paying off
The good news for the company is that these investments seem to be paying for themselves in a lot of ways, the report said. By putting money into decreasing the time it takes to complete training efforts, workers are more efficient sooner after their hiring, effectively paying for themselves in a shorter period of time. As a result, Amazon has the capability and confidence in its systems to keep growing at a rapid pace, ahead of other competitors.

For instance, the company built 26 new warehouses around the world over the course of 2016, an increase of more than 20 percent, the report said. By contrast, major competitor Wal-Mart opened 10 new warehouses and 80 new stores over the past two years.

Another benefit
In addition to simply getting everyone up to speed at a quicker clip, these efforts also allow Amazon to retain a larger number of their seasonal hires as they continue to expand their warehousing efforts overall, according to Supply Chain Dive. This is increasingly important as competition in the logistics sector heats up.

As a consequence of the rapid expansion for warehouse employment in the past few years, it's now vital for companies to make sure they're offering the best possible packages of benefits and salaries to even untrained workers. By doing so, and simultaneously investing in better training, the benefits for all involved arrive faster.