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Warehouse safety still a focus


Warehouse safety still a focus

There are many ways in which warehouse operators can help to improve the safety their workers enjoy while on premises, and companies are constantly on the lookout for ways to achieve those ends. The latest data shows that about 5.2 percent of employees in the field suffer non-fatal workplace accidents, and that's a number logistics employers would like to reduce.

Two of the biggest ways in which companies can combat workplace injury is by properly investing in the right amount of training and the latest, safest equipment for their employees, according to Ground Report. This way, businesses will ensure that their workers not only know how best to keep themselves safe when on the job, but have the best possible tools at their disposal when they're trying to complete their various tasks.

Another big change
Many companies may also benefit from reviewing the ways in which they hire warehouse workers in the first place, the report said. The more effort that can be undertaken during the hiring process to determine whether would-be workers are physically fit enough for the rigors of the warehouse jobs they're trying to fill - and whether they already have some training when it comes to proper safety protocols - could go a long way toward reducing on-site accidents.

Finally, it may be wise for employers to reward safe workplace behavior when possible, the report said. Incentivizing proper conduct in this way can help to keep people paying close attention to safety rules put in place for everyone's benefit.

Just to be clear
It also helps for companies to routinely outline - again and again - the best ways to maintain a safe workplace, without necessarily re-training their staff, according to Safety and Health Magazine. While some workers may roll their eyes at the idea that they need to be told how to do their jobs several times throughout the year, the fact is it helps keep the right steps front of mind for many workers. Using visual tools to help show off the right way to do things can go a long way here as well.

Warehouse safety should be the ultimate goal of everyone who shows up to work there on a given day, but it's incumbent upon employers, in particular, to make sure all the right protocols are being followed on a daily basis.