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Warehousing in Tennessee continues to grow


Warehousing in Tennessee continues to grow

Like many other regions in the U.S., the Midsouth has been in impressive shape during the economic recovery, allowing businesses of all types to create more jobs. In particular, though, this is true of warehousing efforts in Tennessee, where companies are not only bringing in workers to staff their existing operations but also expanding rapidly. That, in turn, is likely to create thousands of long-term jobs in short order.

One such new project is slated to open in Coopertown, Tennessee, as the home hardware giant Lowe's recently held a grand opening event for a new distribution center measuring about 1.1 million square feet, according to the Nashville Tennesseean. The company invested about $150 million into the new facility, which took 18 months to build.

Currently, the facility employs about 200 people, but that number could triple by 2023 as the company continues to hire, the report said. However, those onboarding efforts are currently on track to be completed well before then.

"We've brought a lot of new leaders in, and we're changing our e-commerce business," Lowe's president and CEO Marvin Ellison told the newspaper. "We'll be meeting to determine how much sooner we can reach our goal in the next few weeks."

A smaller hardware company
Meanwhile, in Knoxville, the distributor House-Hasson Hardware recently revealed that its latest round of hiring brought 30 people aboard, but left it with some 20 positions still open, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel. Currently, the unemployment rate in the region is at just 2.9 percent, which is making it more difficult for many businesses to hire as they expand. Already, the job growth efforts at House-Hasson have allowed the company to expand the regions to which it ships goods - extending as far west as Texas and Arkansas - and it wants to grow even more.

To that end, it is offering a base pay of $12 per hour, with more for experienced industry workers, in addition to potentially significant performance bonuses, the report said. In addition, the company offers weekly paychecks, health insurance, a retirement savings plan and vacation time.

A auto-based effort in Jackson
Finally, in Jackson, Tennessee, Mighty Distributing System of America - which provides aftermarket parts and products for auto retailers - recently announced an expansion of its facility to 163,000 - giving it an additional 20 percent more floor space to work with, according to Tire Business. The effort will allow it to better organize its inventory, including putting potentially hazardous materials in fire-safe areas.

When companies are expanding their hiring efforts, it's always a good idea to make sure salary and benefits offerings are able to go above and beyond regional standards to really make the company stand out from its competition. This is particularly true in a tight job market, in which it's important to not only attract new talent but retain the workers who have been putting in the effort that allowed the company to grow in the first place.

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