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4 tips to attract and retain warehouse talent


4 tips to attract and retain warehouse talent

When you're hiring for positions in your warehouse, you may not always know the best ways to separate great candidates from those who might need more time to get up to speed. Meanwhile, thanks to the massive competition in the logistics sector these days, it's also vital to retain your longest-tenured and most-skilled workers.

How can you achieve both these tasks simultaneously? The following tips could help you do a better job of both attracting and retaining talent on an ongoing basis:

1) Make sure they know what they're getting into

One of the biggest issues when it comes to hiring new employees for your warehouse is that people may think they know what the work entails, but actually don't, according to Workable. Simply put, if you want to make sure you're hiring the right people, you need to give them a frank depiction of what their daily work would entail, complete with all the advantages and challenges that come with it. Painting too rosy a picture could lead people to think they're ready for a job they simply aren't prepared for - both physically and mentally.

The more people know about the pluses and minuses of any given position, the better off all involved will be. This will help avoid a situation where they accept a job and then quit after a relatively short time, reducing their own frustrations and your employee turnover rates.

2) Mix up your shift offerings

In many warehouses these days, work is happening 16, 20, or even 24 hours per day, and while that requires a lot of nimble scheduling, it also gives you plenty of options, according to Cyzerg. One thing employees are always going to appreciate is a little flexibility in their schedules, so they can take their kids to school or attend to other needs in their lives. If you have the opportunity to let them come in a little earlier or stay a little later so they can get a little more out of life, your chances to attract and retain talent increase.

3) Boost more than salary

Along similar lines, employees love a good perk, Cyzerg advised. While most companies know the importance of providing high pay and excellent benefits for employees, other benefits like profit-sharing or other financial bonuses, extra days off for meeting or exceeding goals, and so on will typically help keep your employees satisfied and engaged.

4) Build a team culture

One issue that many warehouses across the country face is that they're diverse to the extent that some workers simply cannot communicate easily or effectively, according to the Society for Human Resources Management. That, in turn, may lead to "cliques" in the facility that keep employees siloed off based on the languages they speak, so it's a manager's job to ensure all those workers get along and work together for common goals. Team-building efforts that help bridge language gaps could help ensure your employees are all pulling in the same direction and function well together.