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6 things workers should wear for logistics work


6 things workers should wear for logistics work

When you're new to working at a warehouse for the first time in your career, it may not always be easy to determine what's appropriate to wear. You'll be logging many miles on the job, so you want to find something that's a great combination of comfortable, tough and safe - and it isn't always simple. In some cases, you may have requirements placed on you by your employer, but they're rarely comprehensive.

With that in mind, the following items are a must for any logistics job:

1) Everything made from durable materials

Because you're going to be doing a lot of walking, lifting, bending, stretching and more, you need to make sure every piece of clothing you wear is up to the task, according to Career Trend. While you shouldn't sacrifice too much comfort, you'll want to make sure your pants and shirts in particular are tough enough to take a lot of wear and tear, but still hold up well.

2) Sturdy footwear

Along similar lines, you should make sure your shoes are up to the challenge that you'll place on them over the course of weeks and months of heavy activity, Career Trend added. Consequently, you need to avoid wearing sneakers and instead go with a work shoe or boot that has a heavy tread and is made from a durable material like thick leather.

3) Pants and shirts that are loose, but not baggy

Because you will want to be comfortable in this physically labor-intensive role, you need clothing that isn't going to impede your motion or make it difficult for you to bend, twist and otherwise move normally, according to For that reason, loose-fitting clothes are a must. However, you have to strike a balance between loose and baggy, because the latter can cause other problems, such as tripping or snagging hazards.

4) Weather-appropriate gear

Depending upon your job within a warehouse setting, you may be asked to go inside and outside repeatedly throughout a given day, noted. Likewise, warehouses may tend to get quite hot in the summer or colder in the winter because of the difficulties and expense of heating and cooling such massive spaces. As such, you need to make sure your clothing will keep you comfortable in varying temperatures. However, when the heat rises, it will rarely - if ever - be advisable to wear shorts.

5) Something that stands out

If you work in a warehouse with a lot of heavy equipment moving around, like forklifts and pallet jacks, you should to ensure you're highly visible, according to Shoes for Crews. Whether you simply wear bright clothing or add protective gear that makes you easier to spot, clothing that doesn't just blend into the background is a must.

6) Proper safety equipment

Finally, it's important to make sure you have the right safety equipment, ideally provided by your employer, but if they don't take that step, you should still feel safe, Shoes for Crews advised. Having an extra pair of work gloves, safety goggles, or earplugs to add that extra layer of protection may be advisable.