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5 tips to be a better warehouse manager


5 tips to be a better warehouse manager

Managing a warehouse means keeping a whole lot of plates spinning all at once, from carefully monitoring inventory to handling personnel issues, scheduling and more. For that reason, it's vital for managers to never let themselves become complacent about their skills, and continually work to improve themselves, their charges and the warehouse's operations as a whole.

The following five tips will help them do just that:

1) Prioritize safety

Perhaps the single biggest issue in any industrial setting is the facility's safety record, according to Koke Inc. You never want to see a situation where one of your workers is injured on the job, as this is not only damaging to that person, but can lead to loss of morale among coworkers. Furthermore, even a small accident could require you to shut down all or part of your warehouse for anywhere between a few hours and a few days, leading to a critical loss of productivity that really puts the entire organization behind the 8 ball.

2) Maintain a calm exterior

No matter what's going wrong - be it a safety issue, a missed or incorrect order, a shipping delay or something else entirely - no one wants to see the person who's supposed to be in charge lose their cool, Koke Inc., added. People look to managers for leadership, and if you can't stay calm in high-pressure situations, they're likely to take a cue from your behavior.

3) Make sure you monitor processes closely

The problem with many warehouses is that little inefficiencies can creep into their regular way of doing business and grow slowly over time, according to eCommerce Fuel. While this might not matter too much over the course of a week or even a month, it can be a real problem across an entire quarter or full year. For that reason, you should keep tabs on every possible process and identify when even small issues arise. That can help you avoid a bigger problem later.

4) Have a plan for peak demand

Every warehouse is going to have times when things are hectic, and those when demand is less pressing, eCommerce Fuel advised. That's just the normal course of doing business, but if your peaks and valleys are particularly pronounced, it's vital that you do more to ensure you have a plan in place when the rush comes. Training on that plan will help ensure everyone knows what's expected of them, and reduces the number of missteps that cost critical time, effort, energy and money.

5) Forge good relationships with all employees

No one likes an overbearing boss, and while you may feel the need to lean on employees occasionally to get the best results, those workers have to know you still have their best interests at heart, according to RBW Logistics. The more you can do to build strong interpersonal relationships with your employees - such as learning more about their kids, their hobbies and so on - the better off you will be when it comes to being able to retain talent.

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