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7 things you must do to care for your warehouse floor


7 things you must do to care for your warehouse floor

When you want an efficient and effective warehouse overall, that effort should start from the ground up — literally. A well-maintained warehouse floor may be more important to your operations than you realize, and properly caring for it takes a lot of work.

The following tips should help you ensure you keep that concrete in good condition for many years to come:

1) Sweep first

All too often, companies just mop or scrub their floors without sweeping first, but with so much dirt, sand and other debris on there, that's a bad idea, according to Modern Materials Handling. Scrubbing this into a concrete floor can cause invisible damage to the seal and surface, effectively turning even a mop into sandpaper. As such, it's better to sweep everything up first.

2) Scrub next

Once you're confident you've swept the dirt out of every corner, you can get to work with scrubbing the floor, Modern Materials Handling said. As you might expect, this is fairly important to ensuring it's in good shape.

3) Make an investment in the right equipment

Regardless of whether your facility is relatively small or measures in the hundreds of thousands of square feet, all the work of cleaning and maintaining a floor can't be done quickly by one person, according to OpenWorks. For that reason, you need to buy the right machines that help your cleaning staff do their work just as effectively in far less time. That kind of efficiency often ends up paying for itself.

4) Look for more debris

Of course, in a warehouse, it's not just dirt that can end up on the floor, OpenWorks added. Everything from sawdust to loose nails or screws can be found on the ground in a warehouse and that should also be dealt with as soon as it's spotted. Simply put, you don't want any of that stuff clattering around in your equipment, or posing a slipping hazard for your employees.

5) Examine your coatings or seals

You likely have some sort of protective coating on your warehouse floor to keep the concrete in good shape, but you may not do enough to make sure it's doing the job, according to The Concrete Makeover. Make a floor inspection a part of your overall facility reviews to properly care for your flooring.

6) Set a schedule

Along similar lines to any other maintenance processes you undertake, prioritizing floor care on a regular basis will go a long way toward ensuring yours stands up to even the toughest work, The Concrete Makeover advised. Check in every few months with a careful inspection, and you'll likely identify small issues before they become big problems.

7) Create a culture of proactive efforts

Finally, it's important to encourage employees to clean up any spills or debris they notice on an ongoing basis, The Concrete Makeover further noted. That way, nothing is left to linger and everyone knows they have an active role in keeping your facility in the best possible shape.