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6 keys to better security at your warehouse


6 keys to better security at your warehouse

As a manager or executive at a warehouse, one of your big concerns should be the security of your facility, the people who work there and the vast quantities of items it contains. However, boosting security is often easier said than done, as it requires both financial investment and a clear vision of how to achieve a stronger posture overall.

1) Increase badged entry requirements

Perhaps the easiest way to make sure only those with proper authorization enter a given area is to add layers of security to ensure that's the case, according to Explore WMS. Locked doors that can only be opened with specific employee badges aren't totally foolproof, but they do add a lot of difficulty to anyone who is trying to gain entrance to your facility. Creating even more levels of permission for parts of your facility that require more security is also a good idea.

2) Install a fence and video cameras

Often, having clear security measures in place are a great way to discourage unauthorized people from trying to get into your location, Explore WMS advised. Tall fences around your facility or parking areas are a natural deterrent, but so too are cameras that record and securely store live video - with feeds that can be accessed remotely.

3) Increase protections for all entryways

If you make it just a little bit more difficult for people to enter your facility through the front door, that's a good extra level of security - and many warehouses do so already with a check-in station, according to MPS Security. But what about the back or side entrances? Often, those are overlooked, especially around the loading dock, so putting extra hands on deck there as well could increase protection.

4) Keep parking areas away from the building

While employee convenience is a must when it comes to parking, it has to be balanced with ease of access for those who are authorized to be there, MPS Security said. A simple layer of security - such as a fence or a checkpoint - between the parking area and the facility itself is another simple change that can go a long way for your company.

5) Master remote notifications

Most modern security systems will allow you to receive an alert on your phone any time an alarm is tripped, according to Supreme Security Systems. Combining this feature with live video monitoring could allow you to determine whether this was a false alarm or you need to get in touch with authorities. This may also be helpful if you install motion detectors, glass-break detectors and similar additional security measures that would indicate unauthorized access.

6) Craft response plans for any security issues

When and if a given situation arises, everyone under your roof needs to know how to respond, Supreme Security Systems noted. For that reason, you and other decision-makers need to sit down and lay out what steps are appropriate in just about any conceivable situation. That way, you can train employees on the best practices and help ensure everyone remains safe.