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6 staff management tips for logistics businesses


6 staff management tips for logistics businesses

When you are running a business of any size or just managing staffers, you have to keep a lot of plates spinning on an ongoing basis, and it's certainly not easy. For that reason, it's important to have a framework for success when it comes to staff management, so that you can consistently refer back to best practices and ensure you're doing all you can to keep employees motivated and effective.

The following tips should help you do just that:

1) Develop clear standards instead of micro-managing

When you don't have codified rules or guidance for just about any kind of job in your warehouse, you're likely to have to spend a lot of time working with new hires to get them up to speed, and checking in on even your most experienced staffers, according to ADP. However, when there are clear, written details for every position, it becomes easier to set and maintain a high standard, freeing you up for other duties.

2) Set people up for long-term success

One of the problems many workers run into, regardless of their position, is that they feel they can't move up the corporate ladder or get ahead financially, ADP added. For that reason, it's important to encourage workers to chart their own course and pursue greater success, and you should give them the encouragement and tools to do so.

3) Keep diligent records

A big part of staff management is building and consistently updating personnel files that allow you understand where every worker is at in their careers, according to Business Blogs. That way, when it comes time to have the occasional review, or an unexpected need arises, you can always look back at their work history, taking the guesswork out of some aspects of staff management.

4) Build your relationships

You should never be in a situation where you know little or nothing about your employees, Business Blogs. Building a friendly, collegial relationship with your workers will help you stay on an even playing field and ensure that if conflicts or issues do crop up, you can handle them in a way that works for everyone.

5) Make sure training is robust

Workers always want to be put in a position to succeed at their jobs, and perhaps the best way to create such an environment is with a consistent training regimen for everyone in your warehouse, according to Buildfire. Whether it's setting aside a couple of hours a month to teach new job skills or reinforce long-standing company policies, this is likely to be time well spent for everyone in the organization.

6) Keep employee multitasking to a minimum

One thing you should always strive to avoid as a manager is burning out your employees, Buildfire advised. For that reason, it's important to make sure they don't try to take on too much at once, and just stick to the task at hand. Multitasking can be a real drain on workers' productivity, and also tends to reduce the quality of the two or more projects they're trying to tackle simultaneously.