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5 myths about The Great Resignation (and why warehouses need to know)


5 myths about The Great Resignation (and why warehouses need to know)

The Great Resignation sounds like a horror story, but it's all too true. However, that doesn't mean everything you hear is reflective of what's going on in the hiring market and in your employees' heads. This resignation trend is steeped in false information and misleading assumptions — so today, it's time to dispel some myths and help your warehouse understand why the truth is your greatest asset during The Great Resignation.

1) "It's all about money"
This may be the most common myth about The Great Resignation — and also the most damaging for your warehouse. The truth is that offering a higher salary may not be enough to keep employees in your workforce; instead, these individuals are often looking for flexibility, better treatment, more comprehensive benefits and more. This may seem like a more complicated problem to solve, but in reality, you can address these needs without dealing a huge blow to your warehouse's bottom line — which benefits both you and your employees.

2) "Younger workers are driving The Great Resignation"
According to the Harvard Business Review, it's not young employees who are leading the charge: Mid-career employees are leaving at the highest rates. This means you likely won't solve warehouse resignation issues by catering exclusively to younger workers. A better approach is to make sure employees of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are treated as valuable members of your warehouse team.

3) "It's just a trend"
While The Great Resignation may be a trend, the word "just" is what can ease you into a false sense of security. It's important to understand what's driving high resignation rates, whether they're responding to a trend or not, so you can address and overcome them. If this resignation sensation turns around, you'll still have a leg up on the competition.

4) "It can be addressed with superficial changes"
It's optimistic to think that big problems can be addressed with superficial changes, especially when it comes to piles of two-week notices. Unfortunately, quick fixes or insincere policy changes likely won't do much to protect your warehouse against The Great Resignation. Employees want to know you're actively and emphatically responding to their concerns — otherwise, they'll feel like you don't care enough to hold onto them, and they may be more likely to walk out the door.

5) "It won't impact us"
Inc. reports that companies in certain industries (like technology) are at greater risk of losing employees — and warehouses aren't on the list. However, that doesn't mean you can or should shrug off The Great Resignation. Even if you aren't yet seeing people quit at record-high rates, it's better to be prepared than to end up blindsided. Instead, take the opportunity to find out why certain industries are losing employees and make sure your warehouse doesn't make the same mistakes.