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4 stress management techniques for warehouse workers


4 stress management techniques for warehouse workers

It's one of the things you likely fear the most when trying to retain warehouse workers: job burnout.

According to research published in the International Public Health Journal, job burnout occurs when "continuous exposure to stress [results in] prolonged psychological damage." The study explored job burnout among warehouse workers and found that elements like unrealistic professional expectations, role ambiguity, poor relationships with coworkers and physical health were all among the causes of this stress.

To manage job burnout before it begins, it's important to give warehouse workers the tools they need to manage stress. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1) Prioritize proactive solutions
To help eliminate stress before it arises, consider prioritizing proactive solutions in your warehouse. Although "proactive" can mean different things to different teams and individuals, the crucial takeaway is that solving small problems and putting long-term solutions in effect can keep huge issues from exploding into existence. In the process, you'll also encourage workers to take stress management into their own hands when tackling tasks or workloads, arming them with the necessary tools to keep trouble at bay.

2) Simplify the job itself
One way to make warehouse workers feel less stressed on the job is to give them the tools they need to manage their tasks safely and effectively. According to Global Trade Magazine, one of those tools might just be a robot. Goods-to-person robotics can help automate the warehouse workflow, creating a safer and less taxing work environment for employees at all levels. It's also a great tool for managing day-to-day jobs that, when neglected or overlooked, can build up and cause even more stress.

3)Talk things out
When left unaddressed, stress can easily build up — and it may sometimes explode. That's why you need to create an environment where employees feel safe expressing their concerns, challenges and frustrations. This will take a little talking and a whole lot of listening, but the important thing is to stay tuned in to your workers' thoughts and let them know you're going to address hurdles together. It's equally critical to make sure employees are comfortable communicating with one another — otherwise, they'll always have to bring their stress to you instead of working together to overcome everyday warehouse struggles.

4) Take time off
It seems obvious and perhaps too simple to respond to work stress by encouraging warehouse employees to take time off, but the truth is that a little rest can go a long way. Workers need to know that you value their physical and mental health both on and off the job — and sometimes, that means giving them the time and space to put their career aside. The key is to create a balance between "work" and "play." For example, you don't want your warehouse to be understaffed while employees take time off — so you'll need to carefully manage schedules and vacation days to make sure your people get the rest they need without leaving larger workloads for the rest of their team.