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7 tips for better communication in the warehouse


7 tips for better communication in the warehouse

In the logistics industry, as with almost everything else, good communication is critical to organizational success. The question you have to ask yourself as manager of such a business is whether you are setting employees up for success on this front, and by extension, ensuring that every level of your company can flourish thanks to a stronger and more reliable flow of information.

The following tips will help you ensure that any details that need to be conveyed come across clearly and easily, anywhere in your warehouse:

1) Give people the tools they need

First and foremost, because warehouses are such big places with so much activity, you need to be able to immediately reach people where they are, according to Small Biz Club. That means making sure you can text or call them, or reach them via individual radios.

2) Install a PA

While those devices are great for reaching a single person or a small number of them, it can also be helpful to have a public address system that lets you blast out messages for large numbers of employees (or everyone) in one fell swoop, Small Biz Club said. That way, there's no game of "telephone" needed to convey important information.

3) Develop a system

Once you have the right tech in place to ensure better comms, make sure all employees know what's expected of them and how best to send messages back to managers as needed, Small Biz Club added. That way, everyone is on the same page and there's less chance something slips through the cracks.

4) Don't just rely on one method

Again, there's a lot of hustle and bustle in any warehouse, and you might not always be able to reach one specific employee with the right information, according to One Call Now. In these cases, have a fallback option (including paging them over the PA) to ensure they are responsive.

5) Loop in all the stakeholders ASAP

You don't want to get into a situation where you tell one person to ask two other coworkers to do something as a group, because you can't rely on the necessary info being conveyed, One Call Now advised. Instead, get in contact with everyone you need to talk to all at once whenever possible.

6) Invest in technology

In much the same way as you are getting the right equipment into workers' hands, it's also important that you have high-tech solutions to oversee communications, according to the Strategic Systems & Technology Corporation. This effort could be as simple as buying new tablets or other smart devices for managers so they can quickly blast out text messages.

7) Ensure there are no "dead spots"

Finally, because warehouses are such big spaces, it's important that you ensure employees or managers can communicate no matter where they are. That means bolstering the strength of your Wi-Fi network so there's a good signal in every foot of the space. That way, every message gets through in a timely fashion.