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6 ways to upskill employees in the warehouse


6 ways to upskill employees in the warehouse

In the warehouse, there are numerous ways you can set your employees up for success with training that builds up their skill sets. In fact, the recent Voice of the Blue-Collar Worker survey from EmployBridge found that this is something many people in your facility may want — and even highly value as part of their long-term career paths.

There are many paths your organizational efforts could take, including the following:

1) Start with safety

There is no such thing as a warehouse that is too safe, and you should always strive to ensure your employees can keep themselves and their coworkers as insulated from risk as possible, according to As such, your most concentrated, regular training efforts should be focused on boosting understanding and practices around safety protocols unique to your facility.

2) Find better ways to work with technology

Over time, your warehouse operations will change and evolve, and that sometimes includes adopting new technology that helps make your processes more efficient, added. With that in mind, you should always be looking to upskill your workers so they can put that tech to good use and avoid hang-ups that can come with a muddled adoption process.

3) Go individual

In any business setting, every employee is coming into the job with different levels of skills and familiarity with your processes, so it can be helpful to individualize training to some extent, according to Strategy + Business. That way, you're always going to be reaching people where they are, rather than just assuming everyone is starting on the same page (and potentially leaving some employees behind as a result).

4) Think about the big picture

It's helpful to have a long-term plan around your training efforts, because you can continually move toward specific benchmarks and ensure each session builds on what was being taught in the previous one, Strategy + Business said. The more you can do to plan out training a few months or quarters in advance, the better off you will be when it comes to understanding everything your employees need to hit the goals you set for them.

5) Make it mentoring

Not all upskilling efforts have to revolve around pulling workers off the warehouse floor and sitting them in class-style settings for some instruction; you can also approach it more actively in the midst of normal work, according to The Predictive Index. Asking more tenured employees to provide advice and guidance to newer hires can help build connections between teammates and also ensure everything goes smoothly.

6) Encourage employees to pursue their passions

Finally, because employees may want to stay with your company for many years to come, working their way up your corporate ladder, it's a good idea to empower them to train for things that interest them, The Predictive Index noted. That way, they feel more engaged with what you're doing — and their role within your company — and potentially set themselves up to advance in ways that serve them and you more effectively.