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5 ways to attract young workers to your warehouse


5 ways to attract young workers to your warehouse

The need to attract young workers has become increasingly obvious for many businesses across numerous of industries, and in warehousing especially, the ability to do so can make a big difference. After all, if you can successfully hire a good number of young people and integrate them into your company culture in a way that is truly engaging for them, you may be able to keep those employees in your workforce for many years to come.

The question for businesses in the warehousing and logistics sector is, "How do you do that?" The following tips should help you more effectively engage with Generations Y and Z going forward:

1) Go digital

First and foremost, you have to understand that real-world advertising, including listings in newspapers, likely aren't going to reach these demographics effectively, according to Path Guide. As such, you need to ensure that you are advertising your openings on various job websites, but also social media, as a means of getting them in front of as many young people as possible.

2) Center your organizational values in any messaging

There's plenty of data to suggest that today, millennials and Gen Zers highly value businesses whose organizational ethics, values and practices are aligned with what they believe, Path Guide added. With that in mind, you should be careful to make sure that any job listings or other advertising promoting your company include information about what you place at the center of your efforts and the practices and beliefs you use to drive your decision-making.

3) Make your facility more worker-friendly

You might be able to say all the right things to get young people to come through your doors initially, but if your warehouse is not clearly safe, well-lit and overall presentable, that can be an instant turnoff to would-be hires of any age, according to Cisco-Eagle. All workers value their safety on the job, of course, but younger people in particular may not be as enthusiastic about working for you if they think the job would put them at risk.

4) Deploy technology wherever possible

As you might expect, Generations Y and Z are highly familiar with a lot of technology and will usually be able to take to any devices you use in your warehouse like a fish to water, Cisco-Eagle advised. In fact, you would be wise to highlight just how much tech your employees use on a daily basis, as this can be a differentiating factor in helping them feel they'll be able to acclimate to whatever tasks you give them.

5) Highlight mentorship programs and opportunity to advance

When it comes to being able to attract and retain talent in younger generations, it's not necessarily that these people have a dim view of warehousing work, but rather that they don't always see a long-term future for themselves in the sector, according to the University of Scranton. As such, it can be a good idea to set up mentorship or "buddy" programs with your more tenured employees, and talk to them about the opportunities they will have to advance within your organization.