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5 ways to beat 'The Great Resignation' and keep warehouse employees


5 ways to beat The Great Resignation and keep warehouse employees

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly four million workers — 2.7% of the U.S. workforce — resigned in June 2021. That's a scary number, and it can have serious impacts on your warehouse. To beat what's being called "The Great Resignation" and keep your employees happy right where they are, you'll need to get creative and try a few of these tips.

1) Listen to their concerns.
When you feel stuck for ideas, the best place to turn is to your own teams. They'll have plenty of thoughts about what's going wrong and what can be improved. Take every comment with a grain of salt — but also be willing to consider new perspectives. The benefits are twofold: You'll find ways to reduce turnover, and you'll show employees that you actually care what they have to say.

2) Be flexible wherever you can.
Not every role can be fully remote — but if there's any way to implement hybrid schedules into your workforce, take that opportunity as soon as possible. Also consider other types of flexibility, like letting employees work with you to decide which shifts fit best with their needs and personal lives or adopting different PTO structures.

3) Improve their work life.
Warehouse work isn't all about the big stuff. Sometimes, you can keep employees loyal just by showing them that you care about the minutes and hours they spend in your warehouse. To make work life a little more inspiring, interesting, motivating or fun, consider implementing team-building activities, employee challenges, company events and more.

4) Offer creative benefits.
According to Inc., The Great Resignation is motivated mostly by employees looking for better treatment. This means if you want to keep your workers from walking out the door, you have to find creative ways to take care of them — and it's not all about healthcare benefits or PTO (although those are good starting points). Also consider perks that may be unique to your company's culture — for example, discounts on certain items, tickets to sporting events, vouchers for local restaurants and more. This is your opportunity to show employees both that you care about their well-being and that you're willing to go beyond basics to keep them happy and comfortable.

5) Strive to improve every day.
If you really want to beat The Great Resignation, you need to continuously prove to employees that your warehouse is committed to growing, changing and doing better in every way. Although it's great to work on details behind the scenes, your workers want to see you actively addressing their concerns, solving their problems and putting time and energy toward their needs — that way, they know it's not just talk. When you're making visible progress, employees may be more likely to stick around for the long-term.