The relationship between tech and HR strategies

February 21, 2022

Too often, the relationship between humans and technology goes unnoticed. This is especially true in warehouses, where quick turnaround times and unique pressures mean that technology can become a tool for progress and production rather than for people. However, there's one place where this connection is more obvious than ever: the link between your tech strategy and your HR strategy.

Not sure how these two relate? Read on to find out!

1: Technology improves training methods
As warehouse procedures become more complex, training methods need to keep up — otherwise, new hires and long-time employees alike can quickly become frustrated with unfamiliar tasks. Having the right technology at your disposal makes it easier for HR teams to develop high-quality training materials that keep everyone on the same page.

2: Onboarding is easier when it's digitized
Confusing or inefficient onboarding is a red flag to new employees, who may look for better-organized warehouses with which to work. Instead of risking turnover, you can digitize your onboarding process and impress newcomers from the very beginning, proving that you know how to use technology to make their lives — and jobs — easier.

3: Automation helps identify and target new recruiting pools
Your HR department can utilize advanced automation tools to identify recruiting pools you may not have considered. These tools help identify certain skills, experiences or work histories that could signal an excellent future employee. With this information, you'll be able to target and personalize your hiring tactics.

4: Younger workers love tech-savvy warehouses
In many ways, technology can be an HR sales tool, especially when it comes to attracting younger talent. Millennials and members of Generation Z will likely show more interest in a position if it's clear the company is tech-savvy. To put your technology on display, you could consider working with your HR team to build mobile-friendly applications, automated application responses and more.

5: Communication is simpler and more effective
With tech tools, it's easy to stay in touch with everyone on the warehouse floor. This constant communication gives your HR team the insight they need to better support your employees in all departments.

6: Sensitive data is easier to protect
Although most security tasks are the responsibility of IT experts, some of that burden falls on HR workers too, according to Chron. The right technology makes it much easier for HR to maintain confidentiality while utilizing employee records, empowering security without creating extra work. That's not just about regulation; it also makes workers feel more comfortable trusting HR with their concerns and struggles.

7: Workers can perform better with the right tools
According to Deloitte Insights, people and technology do their best work together. That doesn't just mean the HR department can take better care of employees — it also means that workers can have higher job satisfaction and less frustration, which, in turn, makes HR strategies more effective.