Employee FAQs

Employee FAQs

Here are some of the questions that new employees often ask.

How do I apply?
We provide two options for applying. You can apply online at www.ApplyPLX.com, or contact your local ProLogistix office and set up an appointment.

How do I get a job with you?
First, you must complete our application process which allows us to understand your skills and ensure they match to the jobs available. Once this is determined, you will be contacted by a recruiter and then guided through a series of assessments and screenings so we are knowledgeable of your skills and background. This ensures we place you in the right job at the right worksite!

What are the requirements to get a job with you?
ProLogistix requires for you to fully complete the application process, successfully pass the applicable logistics assessments for your skill set, and provide accurate information for a reference check. We also require you to pass a drug screen, background check, and E-Verify verification.

Once I apply, how soon will I get a job?
Our goal is to get you working as soon as possible, however it is based on the positions our clients have available.

What jobs are available?
All of our jobs are in the warehouse and distribution industry. Our logistics customers are calling us often with new orders. Generally, we are recruiting for workers with experience in order selecting, forklift driving, kitting, loading / unloading and other warehouse positions.

Does ProLogistix have jobs only in warehouses?
ProLogistix concentrates on filling positions in the logistics industry. This can include warehouses, distribution centers, order fulfillment / order selecting companies, freight forwarding and in various manufacturing companies which may have a warehousing or shipping / receiving area associated with their process.

Who are some of your customers?
This will vary from location to location, but our clients range from large Fortune 100 companies to small private or independent logistics environments. ProLogistix has a very active sales force that is constantly looking for new customers providing you with more opportunities a regular basis.

Why should I apply through you?
Working with ProLogistix will provide you with access to the very best logistics job openings in each market. So, by completing one application, we can consider you for opportunities with dozens of companies. Our customers partner with us because they know ProLogistix understands the environment in which you will be working.  Therefore, we are better able to match your skills, personality and work ethic to their business. Additionally, we are able to react swiftly to the fluctuations in their business needs.

Can I get hired by the company you send me to for a job assignment?
Yes, many of our clients will hire our employees who exemplify good attendance, work performance, and practice good safety habits. The important thing to remember is when placed out at a company you are not guaranteed regular full time employment with that company as they have many areas to consider prior to making a hiring decision.

What kinds of benefits are available?
ProLogistix offers referral bonuses and IRA retirement plans which require certain qualifications that must be met in order to be eligible. We also offer health benefits for purchase which include: Medical, Dental, Vision, Term Life, and Short-Term Disability. Your recruiter will be glad to discuss these in more detail with you, as well as additional benefits that may be available in your area.

Will I need to interview?
Yes, we absolutely want to meet you! After completing your application you will be contacted by the branch recruiter who will set up a time for you to complete the assessments and to interview with us.

How and when do I get paid?
You are paid weekly, typically on Friday, for the prior week worked. With our pay card system employees can choose to automatically direct deposit their pay through an automatic transfer through the card, or they can use the card as an ATM/Debit card. Certain rules apply so please see our pay card brochure for clarification.

Do I need a resume?
While a resume allows for our office to gather more information on your past employment, one is not required.