Employer FAQs

Where do you get your candidates?
ProLogistix employs several recruitment strategies. We have a referral system that rewards our field employees for referring qualified candidates. We attend and conduct job fairs and maintain strong working relationships with local government employment services. We also utilize the Internet in searching for qualified candidates as well as for placing positions.

Do all candidates go through your screening process?
Yes, all candidates will go through the screening process. ProLogistix has standard operating procedures that do not allow for shortcuts. Each office is audited by our Training Department for adherence to this process.

If I already have a certification process for forklift drivers, do you require the training class?
Yes, our training class is required whenever our field employee will be on a powered industrial truck. Attending our training class helps to ensure the qualification and skill matches have been done properly. It also allows us to have more versatility in the placement process, so we can place employees at companies that do not having a certification process. This policy also protects our customers from any co-employment issues that may arise. Most of all, it ensures that ProLogistix is in compliance with OSHA standard 1910.178.

Do you place your employees only in warehouses?
ProLogistix concentrates on the logistics industry. This is not limited to the warehouse industry. We have positions in distribution centers, fulfillment / order selecting companies and in various manufacturing companies that may have a warehousing or shipping / receiving area associated with their process.

How long before I can bring ProLogistix employees onto my payroll?
The time is negotiated at the time of placing an order with the local branch. Many of our customers don’t realize it, but we can show the cost benefit in maintaining the ProLogistix employee for a longer period.

Who takes responsibility should there be an accident?
ProLogistix field employees are covered under workers’ compensation for on-the-job injuries that occur while on assignment. We may ask for help in gathering information on an accident and participate in corrective action.

What is the process if there are performance issues with your employee?
Should there be any items of concern with performance you can notify your local ProLogistix office. ProLogistix will work with the employee in correcting the items of concern and with the customer’s help, develop a corrective action plan. Should a corrective action plan not be an option, ProLogistix will work with the employee in finding them a different position.

If I have a need for tomorrow will you be able to provide someone qualified?
In most cases, yes. There may be some special circumstances where finding the right skill match is difficult, but with each office developing a database of qualified candidates these occurrences are minimized. ProLogistix does not believe in sending just anybody to your work site. We pride ourselves on sending the right candidate with the right skills for the right position. Request logistics workers now.

How and when do your employees get paid?
Our field employees are paid each week. Each field employee is responsible for submitting a time card on Monday before noon. Employees may pick up their paycheck at the office, have the check mailed to their home, or in some cases checks are delivered to the customer location. In areas where we are piloting our Pay Card program, pay is received through a MasterCard Debit Card, which can be used at ATM and point-of-purchase machines.  Employees can also arrange to have their pay direct deposited into their bank account.

What happens if your employee does not show up?
While these occasions are rare, from time to time we are faced with this situation. All of our offices have a 24-hour hot-line for our customers to call.