Discover Life Skills Studio

We know there’s more to life than work.

That’s why we created the Life Skills Studio.

The Life Skills Studio exists to equip all of our applicants and associates with skills that are critical to success in life at work, at home and in relationships. The Life Skills Studio is a suite of free online courses in areas like budgeting, health, stress management, building relationships and communication.  Why? Because when your life is on track, you can get more of what you want from work; more job opportunities, more growth, more money. 


These courses are for all ProLogistix applicants and associates free of charge. Each course can be completed in less than 10 hours. Please see a full list of Life Skills Studio courses below. 

  • How to Manage Stress  (English and Spanish)
  • Improving Personal Health  
  • How to Budget & Set Financial Goals  
  • Professional Communication Skills  
  • How to Create Positive Workplace Relationships  
  • Workplace Safety Overview