At ProLogistix, we specialize in the growing e-commerce and logistics industry. We were founded to meet the increasing demand for trained employees in the warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment industry. Our unique approach has made us one of the most highly rated companies in the industry for customer satisfaction, worker quality, and productivity.  We’re dedicated to getting good people good jobs.

We offer our clients a better alternative to traditional light industrial staffing companies with our unique combination of deep, specialized expertise and powerful digital solutions that give businesses the unmatched speed, efficiency, and flexibility they need to rapidly respond to changing staffing needs and streamline the hiring process from start to finish.

Our purpose is to champion people and unlock potential, helping organizations perform today and thrive tomorrow through our talent, ingenuity, and uncommon insights. That’s why we have focused on the three areas that our clients have told us are most important to them.

Our Assessment Process: In partnership with the University of Tennessee’s Department of Logistics, we have developed assessments specific to the logistics industry. This process has been proven to identify the most productive and safe logistics employees in each market. These assessments are applicable to entry-level employees up to the more-skilled positions in your environment.

Forklift Certification: Every ProLogistix branch employs a certified forklift trainer, and we have issued more than 47,000 forklift certifications in compliance with OSHA guidelines.

Screening Process: All our employees must pass a drug test, E-Verify and criminal background checks prior to working for us.

ProLogistix offers a variety of staffing options, which include short- or long-term, temporary-to-hire, direct hire, QuickHire, and value-in-partnering (VIP). Our VIP program is for clients with a contingent workforce of 35 or more employees and is customized to meet your goals, as we recognize you are making a significant investment in utilizing our services. This delivery model consists of four engines that work together and are tailored specifically to your organization. Through regular expectations meeting and metrics management, we constantly evaluate our service for continuous improvement opportunities.

Our Services


For support on an as-needed basis, our highly qualified field employees are available for flexible, short-term needs, seasonal, and project-specific work.


For clients interested in “trying out” a situation before making a long-term commitment, our employees will work on a temporary basis and transition to a permanent position after an established time period.

Direct Hire

Recruiters who are industry experts and who specialize in logistics management work on a fee-for-service basis to find the right fit for your business.

Project / Contract

Special projects may be staffed and/or managed by contract employees. Such projects include warehouse reconfiguration, recall/repackage projects, long-term temporary facility staffing, etc.

The Proof is in Our Results

ProLogistix received validation of the value we bring through a third party independent study performed by Urban Wallace Associates. In the study, 124 of our largest clients and 600 employees were interviewed to determine their overall level of satisfaction with ProLogistix as compared to other providers. Some key results:

  • 98% of our clients said ProLogistix provided employees with appropriate skills.
  • 90% of our clients said ProLogistix employees were better qualified than those from other staffing providers.
  • 89% of our clients said ProLogistix employees were more productive than those from other staffing providers.
  • 95% of our clients said they would like to hire the employees we provide.
  • 100% of our clients said ProLogistix is a company they trust.
  • 94% of the employees felt we provided jobs that had a safe work environment.
  • 88% of the employees said they were very or completely satisfied with ProLogistix vs. 36% for other providers.