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Warehouse hiring rose sharply in September, more growth expected
Digital technology that permits mobility is expected to be a key part of successful manufacturers and logistics jobs.
South Carolina warehousing sector picking up steam
Hiring for warehouse jobs is expected to rise sharply for the holiday season, an increase tied to a surge in online sales.
Minimum wage making gains in several states for 2018
Artificial intelligence is reshaping how warehouses approach logistics.
E-commerce, logistics drive Pennsylvania job growth
More partnerships emerge for logistics training
Workers hold marches, rallies for higher minimum wage
Activists, celebrities push $12 minimum wage in Michigan
Illinois becoming warehousing stronghold
More logistics firms focus on data collection
Minnesota minimum wage slated to rise next year
Warehouses already ramping up holiday hiring
Indianapolis city council votes for higher minimum wage for some
Warehousing provides job opportunities for many workers
More organizations boosting forklift training opportunities
Mass. voters could soon decide on $15 minimum wage
Warehouses can revitalize entire regions
New Jersey warehousing continues to boom