Forklift Certification

Forklift Certification for field employees has been an integral part of the ProLogistix service offering from our beginning in 1999. Every ProLogistix branch has a certified forklift instructor who must pass an annual audit and review by our Risk Services Department. Our instructors conduct the OSHA-compliant portion of the certification in our branches, and we conduct the visual evaluation of each worker’s proficiency at operating the material-handling equipment at our clients’ worksites.

Since 1999, ProLogistix has certified more than 47,000 forklift operators across the country in accordance with OSHA guidelines, and every ProLogistix forklift operator must complete our certification program prior to be being placed at a client worksite. ProLogistix maintains all training records and we make them available in the event of an audit by an OSHA compliance inspector.

This short video explains more about our Forklift Certification Program.

Order Selector Certification

One of the fastest-growing sectors of the logistics industry is business-to-customer (B-to-C) order fulfillment. In 2011, ProLogistix introduced the new Order Selector Certification Program to help us identify the most productive workers for e-commerce fulfillment centers. We designed testing and screening tools based on input and suggestions from our clients who manage fulfillment centers for some of the largest companies in the country.

At ProLogistix, we listened to our clients and their request for “floor-ready” employees to meet the fluctuating workforce demands that accompany the fast-changing requirements of peak seasons. We understand that orders must be filled quickly and accurately, and any mistake can result in a lost customer.

Our Order Selector Certification Program selects the “best of the best” order selector candidates based on their experience levels, math skills, reading comprehension skills, and ability to meet the physical demands of the position. In addition, we commissioned a technology company to replicate the problems order selectors encounter in performing their jobs, and we incorporated the results into a hands-on RF scanner test in simulated pick stations at our branches.

Here’s a quote from one of our clients:

“Normally it would take a new employee almost a full week of training, but the ProLogistix order selectors require only two to three hours of training.”

Operations Manager, Cosmetic Supply Company