Prepared for Peak Season – Case Study

Competitive pay puts people in place and ready to go

“Because of ProLogistix our peak season was a success.” – Human Resources Leader, Warehouse and Logistics Facility, Columbus, Ohio

Early in November, a client of ProLogistix was beginning its ramp-up holiday hiring. The Columbus, Ohio warehousing and logistics facility fills orders for the e-commerce division of a national brand of fashion-forward home furnishings. The client put in an order for 30 Associates to perform peak season picking and packing, drive forklifts, and ship product.

After two days of active recruiting, only one Associate had accepted a job at the client site. The client was concerned about being understaffed for more than financial reasons. Excessive overtime creates safety concerns due to increased accidents. With the holiday season ticking closer, the client asked ProLogistix for analysis and advice.

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