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The 5 most important skills for a career in logistics


The 5 most important skills for a career in logistics

Many people may now be looking at a career in the exciting logistics industry, but don't always know whether they have the right stuff to actually succeed in the sector. While this can sometimes be a physically and mentally demanding field, it's also vital  for would-be hires to know there are other skills that can help them enjoy a long career.

Here are five of the most important:

1) Flexibility

The world of logistics is, in most cases, pretty regimented, according to Rasmussen College. Things come into a warehouse and have to be properly stored until they go back out again. But there are hiccups to contend with, and those who respond well will be able to keep their companies' processes moving along as smoothly as possible.

2) Problem-solving

Along similar lines, if an issue crops up, those in logistics - whether they're pickers or floor managers - will have to be able to quickly assess, identify and respond to any such problem, Rasmussen College added. If operations get backed up for even one hour as a result of an impediment, the ripple effect can end up setting back the entire company for days or more.

3) Communication

Whether you're just starting in logistics or you've been in the industry so long that you manage an entire warehouse, being able to effectively communicate with co-workers, superiors and subordinates is absolutely critical, according to the Houston Chronicle. That includes not only being able to clearly convey what you mean when you're speaking, but also writing an email, texting or otherwise trying to get a message across that could be critical to a business process.

4) Computer know-how

Increasingly, work in a warehouse is beginning to resemble other jobs in that workers will typically be required to use computers for at least some part of the day, according to CAI. With that in mind, it's important for anyone thinking about a career in the field to brush up their skills, because even if they don't know what specific software options a potential employer will use, it will still be extremely helpful to be able to use basic programs with confidence.

5) People skills

This is closely related to communication skills, but go above and beyond them to also require you know how to deal with people in a job setting where frustrations or stress can mount, CAI advised. If you're able to keep your cool and otherwise deal well with people even when the job gets tough, you could be in a much better position to succeed both whenever a problem arises and in the long term for your career.

When you're looking for a job in logistics that could potentially kick-start your entire career, it's important to identify which employers are offering the best combination of high pay and excellent benefits. These businesses are the ones most likely to value your skills and want to retain you - potentially for years to come - by offering the possibility of career growth.

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