Office Detail - Louisville, Kentucky


7045 Raggard Road
Louisville, KY 40216
T: (502) 447-4475

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Staff Bios
Gail Aubrey
Gail Aubrey, Operations Manager
  • 2 years with the company, 25 years in sales/customer service

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Nathalie Ising
Nathalie Ising, Marketing Development Manager
  • 18 years with the company
  • BS in Business Administration, University of Louisville
  • President's Club Member, Certified Staffing Proffessional, PLX 101 certified
  • Member of GLI logistix network, Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce, Riverport Business Association

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Varicia Noel
Varicia Noel, Staffing Supervisor
  • 2 1/2 years with the company, 18 years in the industry as a staffing professional
  • Inside/Outside sales certified
  • Safety certified for warehouse and logistics

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Monica Shamell
Monica Shamell, Staffing Supervisor
  • 5 years of collections/customer service and staffing experience
  • BS in Communications
  • Logistics certified

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