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5 ways to manage your warehouse team more effectively


5 ways to manage your warehouse team more effectively

When you're managing a warehouse, there are a lot of moving parts that you just have to trust are being handled properly at every second. One of the best ways to ensure that kind of dedication and foolproof planning is to make sure you are managing your team as effectively as possible. When everyone is clear on their roles and has a good working relationship with management and their coworkers, it becomes easier to continually pull in the same direction.

How do you get there? The following tips should help:

1) Prioritize communication

First and foremost, it is important that everyone in your warehouse have the tools and skills to communicate effectively, according to The Undercover Recruiter. That may require some tech investment on your part, as well as time dedicated to proper training, but the end result will almost certainly be a more efficient and cohesive staff that always communicates needs.

2) Focus on building and maintaining personal relationships

Again, it's important to have a good working relationship with co-workers, from the warehouse floor to the executive suite, and that can start with a good personal relationship, The Undercover Recruiter noted. The more you can do to foster connections that go beyond the walls of your facility, the better off everyone under your roof is likely to be. Relatively low-cost investments, like team lunches or company participation in local adult co-ed leagues, can help foster those kinds of relationships on an ongoing basis.

3) Set goals — but keep them reasonable

Every company has metrics they try to hit each month, quarter or year, and that often breaks down on granular levels, according to Toggl. If you can clearly define periodic attainable goals for both individuals and teams, it becomes easier for everyone to reach those benchmarks. That, in turn, keeps the company moving along well, and allows you to more effectively track progress overall.

4) Think about efficiency and time management

Along similar lines to setting goals, it's important to make sure your staffers have the ability to do their jobs as efficiently as possible, and can continually manage their time well, Toggl advised. You never want to have a situation where workers feel like they have to work excessively long hours or are stuck with frustratingly manual workflows, so it's important to continually re-evaluate how your current efforts are progressing and what you can do to make the right changes.

5) Make feedback a critical part of company culture

Finally, you should always be just as willing to receive feedback from your staff as you are to give it, according to Meister. That way, your workers not only know what you expect of them and how they're meeting those benchmarks, but you also get critical information that can make you a better and more effective manager. When everyone knows that feedback is not just acceptable, but welcome, you can collectively create a more open and efficient workplace.