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5 tips to avoid potential theft in your warehouse


5 tips to avoid potential theft for your warehouse

Theft is a problem for just about any business, but in a warehouse setting in particular, it can create major problems that are difficult for managers to solve. With that in mind, you may need to do more to tighten up your anti-theft measures to get a better handle on this threat.

Want to cut your risk while simultaneously improving your efficiency and bottom line? The following suggestions will help:

1) Keep an eye on physical security

Perhaps the easiest way to reduce theft is to set up more visible and physical deterrents to illegal actions, according to Wolters Kluwer. That may be as simple as putting up a fence, installing security cameras (that are actually hooked up to something and not just for show), introducing keycard locks for both internal and external doors, and so on. Simply put, if you can make security a more conspicuous part of your operations, you'll be more likely to prevent theft before it's even attempted.

2) Monitor employee behavior

While you may run your company with a total trust in your employees, it's always a good idea to keep tabs on data and behavior to spot potential signs of theft or fraud, Wolters Kluwer advised. Does your data match up with physical inventory? If not, something is amiss. That doesn't necessarily indicate theft in and of itself, but it could, so it's better to monitor these issues.

3) Safely guard access

A great way to avoid theft is to keep people who don't have a need to be in certain parts of your building from getting in there, according to Insperity. Again, this could involve installing keycard locks, or simply asking employees to enter a combination on a door knob before it opens, but if you can keep everyone from the general public to delivery drivers to even staffers who don't need to be in a particular space, you'll be better off.

4) Make better hires

When you're trying to reduce theft risk it pays to carefully vet your employees, Insperity said. This does not mean that you should rule out people with a criminal record sight unseen (as this is usually against the law), but it does mean a more careful approach to looking into applicants' backgrounds, checking their references, etc. To state the obvious: You don't want to inadvertently hire someone who is looking to victimize you. A more diligent hiring process can reduce that risk significantly.

5) Remember theft can happen virtually, too

Finally, you shouldn't just be worried about having physical items stolen from you, according to i-Sight. In fact, the cost of a data breach (stemming from any number of threat vectors) is probably far more significant than even the most costly physical invasions of your space. As such, adopt a strong cybersecurity posture, install anti-malware and firewall protection, train employees on how to spot a potential threat with ease and so on. It's always better to be safe than sorry on this front.