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Earlier this year, we conducted an employee survey that focused on employment preferences and opinions. Due to the participation of 18,505 employees and applicants, this survey has provided very valuable information! Thank you for any and all participation you may have had in this survey. We appreciate you!

We want to share with you what we learned. We understand pay, job security, and benefits continue to be the primary factors in accepting a job. We also found that a good company culture can keep you at your current worksite and we are regularly sharing this message with our clients.

This year, one of the trends we noticed was the hunger for more training and learning opportunities. We learned that you are willing to invest your personal time to learn a new skill in hopes of earning more pay, getting ready for a new job or promotion, or finding a different position. You are also interested in apprenticeships because it’s a great way to grow a career and learn new skills. 

We are continuously focused on providing our associates with the best opportunity for success through our Better WorkLife programs. Our Better WorkLife Academy provides free courses to improve your skills and is now two years old! This year, we are introducing a badging system that allows you to share the skills you’re learning in each course to your social media accounts, including LinkedIn and Facebook!

We’ve added our new Life Skills Studio this month which is still free of charge to you and all of our applicants and associates! The Life Skills Studio focuses on personal development and courses that talk about money matters, communication, wellness, technology, and safety. Through our partnership with Penn Foster, we will also be able to provide access to a High School Diploma program for a reduced fee.

We are so excited about the opportunities we provide to you and your families and will do more in the future. Thank you so much for your feedback and be sure you get started improving your skills with our Academy and Life Skills Studio today!

More information about our Better WorkLife Academy and the Life Skills Studio is coming soon.

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