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Lemont, IL

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Pay is $14.48

Job Responsibilities:

1. Follow company rules and procedures.

2. Follow all protocols for GMPs.

3. Accurately and timely filling out of all required documentation.

4. Keep work area clean and free of debris.

5. Responsible for reporting food safety and quality issues.

6. Attention to detail and accuracy.

7. Efficiently operate equipment to maintain production standards set by Management.

8. Notify Supervisor of any condition preventing timely packing.

9. Records lot numbers for ingredients in each batch by mixer unit (F & G).

10. Dispense product to surge hopper in small amounts until mixer is empty.

11. Monitor control panel to ensure that all systems are functioning properly.

12. Pre-stage pallets of cocoa and vanillin for each batch.

13. Bring in sugar for each batch from the designated lot.

14. Put empty bags in compactor after every batch.

15. Complete any other task that is requested by your supervisor.

Job Requirements

Must be able to work in a dusty environment

Steel toe shoes or composites (Slip Resistant)

Stand for 8-10 hours



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