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5 things to tell your new warehouse hires


5 things to tell your new warehouse hires

Many of the job processes for recent logistics hires  might be new to them, and the tasks required could take time to learn. While you should always have a training program in place for new hires - even those with previous warehouse experience - it's definitely a good idea to show your employees the ropes in a way that adequately prepares them for the work ahead.

The following five pieces of knowledge could help them hit the ground running just a bit sooner:

1) It's a high-energy workplace

Employees who are looking for the occasional downtime on the job aren't likely to find it in a warehouse, according to The Balance Careers. At almost every minute of the workday, there will be something that requires the worker's attention, and they need to be prepared for the mental demands the job will place on them in addition to the physical ones.

Many employees are well-suited to this kind of environment, but it does take a certain kind of person to truly excel in it.

2) Communication is critical

Rare is the time when warehouse workers will not need to be in regular communication with colleagues and supervisors, The Balance Careers added. While it's vital that they be able to think independently and react to new situations as they arise in real-time, it's also critical that they're able to communicate what they're doing to others so everyone can operate a little more efficiently.

3) Everything they do has value

Because of the two facts above, every decision a warehouse employee makes is critical to maintaining a high level of efficiency, according to Workstep. Even a few minutes spent on less-than-perfect work processes may lead to kinks in the system. Even relatively minor ones could end up creating a ripple effect that puts the entire operation behind.

4) There's a clear path forward

One thing many people may be wondering about as they start entry-level jobs in your warehouse is whether they will have the opportunity to advance up the company ladder, Workstep advised. The good news is that, if you're like most warehouses, you prefer to keep your institutional knowledge in-house and promote people who have already proven to be an asset to the company, rather than bring someone in from the outside. That may give employees even more motivation to strive for their best work every day.

5) Efficiency is key to everything

A warehouse operation overall is only as effective as its individual processes, according to Multi Channel Merchant. While new hires cannot be expected to put in top-quality work right out of the gate, proper training and the understanding that efficiency should be at the center of all their actions should help get them pointed in the right direction. That, in turn, will likely make them more effective.

When you're trying to attract and then retain the best workers, it's also important to make sure you're offering high hourly wages and strong benefits packages. In a highly competitive field like logistics, the ability to differentiate yourself from competitors in this way is key.

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